Yieldcos TerraForm, the yieldco formed by spinning of the solar assets of SunEdison (SUNE) has seen a tremendous response to its IPO. The company raised more money at a higher price as investors have made a beeline to buy the stock of this company. Yieldcos are a new financing vehicle for solar farms, which have […]

FSLR’s Solar farm in Mongolia We are Greenworldinvestor have chronicled how First Solar’s (FSLR) massive solar farm to be built in Mongolia was a non-starter right from the beginning. The plant which was announced in 2009 was just a gesture by the Chinese, to show USA that they would also help the US industry grow. […]

Renewable Energy to lead by 2030 Solar and wind energy additions are going to be substantially higher, as compared to the existing forecasts leading to major issues for fossil fuel exporters. Solar energy will account for almost 30% of the total capacity addition by 2030 or 800 GW, which means ~50 GW of additions per […]

Solar Components exempted from Duty in India Indian solar producers who have been decimated by the severe global oversupply and price fall, have finally something to cheer about. The finance minister in his budget has granted excise duty exemption to imports of parts used in manufacture of solar panels. Copper wire, glass and EVA sheet […]

Environmental Goods Agreement The Environmental Goods Agreement is being negotiated by 14 countries/regions with annual traded value of over $1 trillion, to bring an end to the numerous wars that have broken out between different countries. Solar modules are also part of the 54 goods that are part of this agreement. Most regions are promoting […]

Solar Module prices slash Solar module prices are declining sharply in global markets as the US-China anti–dumping tussle has led to stagnating demand and a build-up in inventory. Module prices have gone down to as low as 55c/watt from around 60-62c/watt, while solar cell prices are down to 35c/watt from around 40c/watt. Taiwanese companies are […]