Anti-Dumping Duties India India’s solar manufacturing industry has been hollowed out from the inside by imports from China and other countries. Global oversupply due to massive capacity expansion by China led to a 90% fall in solar panel prices in the last 5 years. The Indian industry which used to do decently well by exporting […]

First Solar (FSLR) is amongst the world’s largest utility scale solar system installers and producer of solar panels. The company recently released its Q114 results, which showed improvement in revenues, gross margin, shipments, project pipeline etc. FSLR has managed to sharply reduce the cost of its thin film Cadmium Tellurium (Cd-Te) modules, as well as […]

India needs to invest heavily for its energy demand India will have to invest almost $1.6 trillion over the next 20 years, to meet the growing demands of its economy in energy. Almost $1 trillion will have to be invested in new power generating plants, while the rest will have to be spend on transmission […]

TATA Solar to scale up production Indian solar manufacturers have been devastated by the severe price erosion in the price of solar cells in the last 3-4 years. The country has more than 1 GW of solar cell capacity but was hardly producing anything, as imported solar cells cost much less compared to the domestically […]

Saturation in the European Solar Market Demand in Europe has saturated to the 10 GW level, as the biggest markets such as Germany and Italy are showing a sharp decline in installations, after huge levels of it done in 2010-2012. Germany has been burdened with high subsidies which is causing a rise in energy prices […]

LDK to again get financial aid from Chinese banks? LDK Solar may get a $320 million loan from a consortium of Chinese banks, led by the China Development Bank (CDB). LDK Solar (LDK) has been running of fumes for most of the last year, as massive debt made the company post huge losses. The company […]