Consolidation in Solar Wafer Industry The solar wafer part of the solar supply chain has been one of the worst performing sectors in the solar industry. The reason is that solar wafer makers have lost bargaining power with their downstream customers, as most of them have backwardly integrated into production of ingots and wafers. Most […]

Polysilicon back to profits Polysilicon companies are starting to show profits again after polysilicon pricing has started to strengthen amidst higher demand from downstream solar cell makers. While electronic demand for poly remains more or less same at the 25-30,000 ton level yearly, solar demand has spurted to more than 200,000 tons. The glut in […]

Solar Markets Africa Africa is the new solar frontier for many large solar investors, given the huge energy demand and lack of capital. The country has very low levels of electricity penetration and many countries do not have fossil fuels to generate power. On the other hand, the continent has abundant amount of solar radiation […]

Solar Subsidy pain in Spain Spain saw a massive boom in solar installations after the government announced a very generous subsidy on solar energy installations. Beside large funds and companies, large number of small investors also started to invest in solar energy systems, attracted by the steady high long term returns given by the government. […]

Change in the Indian Manufacturing Industry The Indian manufacturing sector is set to see a decline in this year, which is extremely shameful considering that the country is so far behind in the development curve. At this stage of development, India should have a large manufacturing sector providing employment to the hundreds of millions of […]

OCI gave decent profits & revenue numbers Korean giant OCI has returned to profitability in its poly division after a couple of bad years. The company saw revenues of $500 million in the current quarter from poly sales. The company even reported a profit margin of 2.6%, as sharp cost cuts as well as better […]