Solar Energy captures 2nd place as a source of Electricity- USA Solar energy has left its image of a niche energy source far behind and is becoming the number one or number two contributor to new electricity capacity additions in the USA and the other major developed countries. Though China added the most amount of […]

Solar Energy can fight Climate Change We at Greenworldinvestor have always been very bullish about the prospects of solar energy growth, given the sharply declining costs, ease of implementation and its role in fighting climate change. Even IPCC is now acknowledging the same with its most recent 5th report putting solar energy as the most […]

Module prices to increase in USA Solar system prices in the USA will not fall at the same rate, as a key component – solar panels become more expensive. USA is all set to include Taiwanese made solar cells as part of its anti-dumping measure on Chinese solar panel imports. This means that Chinese made […]

Solar Rooftop in Bangalore India’s southern IT city of Bangalore may soon see a proliferation of solar rooftop home systems as the distribution utility BESCOM will soon allow “net metering” for its customers. Net Metering is the process of allowing solar rooftop homeowners to sell their excess solar electricity to the grid. This means that […]

United Photovoltaics has started to emerge as the top solar farm company in China, aggressively buying up solar farms in the country. The company which was known as Goldpoly earlier has shifted its focus from solar panel manufacturing to becoming a large solar utility company. The company has gone on a buying spree locking up […]

Japanese Solar Inverter Market The boom in the Japanese solar market has completely changed the competitive dynamics of the global solar inverter market. The Japanese solar inverter manufacturers led by Omron have entered the top 10 solar inverter rankings for 2013, displacing the European players. Their rise has been due to: a) Strong growth of […]