Indian Solar Industry resort to Restructuring India’s solar cell and panel makers continue to restructure their debt, as their plants are not able to compete with global solar manufacturers. Even as the global solar demand sees an unprecedented boom, India’s solar makers are not able to run their factories. Their costs are way higher than […]

Prepaid Solar One of the biggest problems in the growth of solar energy is the capital cost which accounts for almost 90% of the total lifetime cost of solar energy. Even small scale solar energy systems which can power a couple of lights with energy storage are out of the reach of poor customers in […]

Polysilicon makes a comeback After an extremely bad couple of years which saw many of the older Polysilicon plants closing and prices crashing by almost 80%, Polysilicon has started to see some revival signs. Companies like OCI and REC Silicon are planning to expand capacity, while SunEdison (SUNE) has signed a JV with Saudi Arabia to […]

Solar Powered Toys Solar Power has tremendously become popular these days. More and more people are switching towards solar energy in their day to day life. Solar Power has plenty of applications be it for residential or commercial purpose. We at Greenworldinvestor have always tried to increase awareness amongst our readers about the advantages of […]

Solar energy is starting to see an increase in investments from hedge funds and private equity firms as the industry grows in size. More than $250 billion has been invested in wind and solar energy farms annually, over the past 3-4 years. While more than 50% of the financing has come from commercial banks, an […]

Even as the solar industry and companies are enjoying sunny times due to the large demand growth in 2014, the debt laden leaders of yesteryears are still going through their death throes. LDK Solar and Suntech used to be the largest companies in their respective solar manufacturing segments. However, these companies were rashly managed, with […]