Reasons for Solar boom in UK Solar energy in UK is booming, with more than 2000 MW of solar energy expected to be installed in the country in 2014, as large ground mounted installations are expected to boom. The UK market has been an off and on market with the authorities frequently changing their stance […]

Volume/ Price Quota by China Europe recently negotiated with China to set up a volume and price quota for solar panels imported from China. This was done to stop a potentially highly damaging trade war between these two blocs and prevent the complete decimation of the solar manufacturing industry in Europe. Europe set up a […]

Solar Demand driven by Asia Solar energy demand in 2013 rocketed to 37 GW up almost 25% from 2012, as China became the largest demand driver with almost 11.9 GW of solar energy capacity installed last year. Japan came in the 2nd place, with more than 6 GW. Germany which used to be biggest solar […]

Increasing Demand for Solar Wafer & Polysilicon The demand for solar wafers is starting to outstrip supply in certain regions as solar panel demand has increased by more than 25% in 2013. 2014 will be another banner year with solar analysts predicting that demand may reach as high as 50 GW this year. This will […]

Solarworld goes on and on its frugal journey Flamboyant CEO of Solarworld has failed to turn around the beleaguered German solar producer despite all his bravado. Solarworld has played an instrumental role in instigating USA for imposing anti-dumping and countervailing duties against the Chinese made solar cells and panels. The company also tried to do […]

Chaori Solar Energy defaults its Bond Payments Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy has officially defaulted on its domestic bond payments after the company could not come up with the money to make a $14 million payment. Note many of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 solar panel makers in China are in deep trouble after a […]