Canadian Solar to expand Solar Capacity Top Tier 1 Chinese solar producers are starting to expand capacity, as solar demand has begun growing faster than the stagnant supply. The massive solar downturn in 2012 had resulted in a complete stop in solar capacity expansions, as more than 60 GW of solar panel capacity tried to […]

Moser Baer to do an IPO Moser Baer Projects now known as Hindustan Cleanenergy plans to do an IPO in the stock markets this year. The company which saw a large investment by US based Blackstone is now focusing on building solar farms, giving up on other fuel forms like thermal power plants. The company […]

Solar equipment makers have been lying comatose in the last couple of years, as massive industry oversupply led to solar panel makers completely stopping their capex spends. Note the solar supply had reached almost 60 GW in 2012, compared to demand of 30 GW. This had led to a crash in the price of solar […]

US Solar market sees big time Consolidation Big US installers such as SunRun and Solarcity (SCTY) are rapidly expanding their geographical footprint in the USA by buying other installers and system equipment companies. SunRun has bought REC Solar and other Mainstream Energy companies to expand its base in Colorado. Note mergers and acquisitions by small […]

Tokyo Electron exits Thin Film Solar business Solar thin film technology suffered another big blow when Tokyo Electron decided to exit its a-Si thin film solar making equipment business, after it found very little demand for its products. Note c-Si technology has been making rapid advancements as Chinese companies drastically reduced the cost of the […]

People’s Power StationĀ in Australia Australia has been a truly remarkable success story for solar energy over the last 5 years. The country has seen more than a million homes comprising of 10% of the population, install solar systems on their houses. The federal government and state governments have both chipped in with feed in tariffs […]