The real picture of Real Estate market in India Indian real estate prices remain far detached from reality, even as inventory is going up to as high as 80 months in some of the major markets. Sales in main cities have declined by almost 50%, as prices remain extremely high for home owners whose incomes […]

Effect of US Duties on Taiwan Cell Manufacturers Taiwanese solar cell producers have been the worst affected victims of the US sanctions on Chinese and Taiwanese made solar cells. Big Taiwanese companies such as Motech, Gintech and NeoSolar were seeing large sales growth, as Chinese panel producers outsourced cell production to Taiwan in order to […]

Investing in China Investing in China has never been an easy proposition whether it is public market investors or private equity investors. Massive frauds have been exposed in China which has led to billions of dollars of losses for investors. For Chinese and other developing market investors (like India), frauds and losses come with the […]

SunPower acquires SolarBridge Solar companies continue to expand into different areas as the industry moves more and more into an energy providing service, rather than product sales. Some of the solar panel companies such as Renesola (SOL) already sell mounting systems, microinverters etc. Now others such as SunPower (SPWR) are too moving into the BOS […]

SunEdison wins projects in India SunEdison (SUNE) is on a roll these days winning large contracts to build and develop solar farms outside its core USA market. The company has been signing huge deals to build farms in states such as Karnataka and Rajasthan in India. SunEdison has a strong presence across all parts of […]

Polysilicon Industry to see more cost reductions The big polysilicon producers are making a lot of money after a loss making 2-3 years. The reason is that the large poly producers are reducing costs continuously, even as the poly prices have stabilized at $20-25/kg range. Most of the Tier 1 producers have costs ranging from […]