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List of Solar Installers/ System Integrators/ EPC Companies in India

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Solar installation business has gained massive popularity in the last couple of years. Previously the solar companies used to just manufacture solar cells, wafers, modules or other components, but today no solar company is complete without a solar installation arm. With solar energy reaching grid parity across various parts of the globe, the cost of solar energy is getting affordable with each passing day. People have realized the significance of going solar – it is cheap and green. Hence more and more communities, industries on a commercial, industrial or residential scale are shifting to solar energy for their energy needs.

Here is the list of Solar Installers in India:

1) SunEdison – SunEdison is a MEMC company. It was bought by MEMC in 2009. MEMC manufactures and sells wafers and related products to the semiconductor and solar industries, while SunEdison was amongst the biggest system installers in the US then. MEMC since then is strongly expanding the system installation business not only in the US, but other parts of the world like India, Europe, Korea, Canada and other places. SUNE though a subsidiary of MEMC operates under its own name. SunEdison India deals with both ground mounted and rooftop solar installations. The company has experience of building the world’s largest utility scale solar power plant (72 MW solar plant in Rovigo, Italy).

2) TATA Power Solar – is a wholly owned subsidiary of TATA group of companies. The company was ranked no. 1 as a third-party EPC player in India Solar Map 2014. TATA Power has rich experience in solarizing the rooftops and has done it for big business firms, power producers and the Government of India too. TATA Power Solar is a manufacturer of many solar products including solar lights, water pumps, heaters and power packs. IIT Roorkee went solar with TATA Power Solar in India. The company deals with both rooftop and ground mounted installations. The company has also solarized the grids, from where energy is being not only for captive consumption by big industries and power producers, but also sold for community consumption.

3) Waaree Solar – Came into existence in 2007 in India. The company has experience in EPC utility grid projects and rooftop solutions. Investing in Waaree Rooftop solutions also provides various tax benefits for a commercial establishment. The company has a 250 MW solar panel manufacturing unit in Surat, India. The Waaree group is present in more than 68 countries and 26 sales offices in India. The company has 8 offices globally in UAE, Europe, USA and Australia. The company has an experience with solar thermal and EPC utility grid projects. Waaree manufactures a wide range of solar products ranging from solar modules, to solar water pumps and rooftop solutions.

4) Vikram Solar – Vikram Solar is a manufacturer of PV solar modules. The company has its headquarters in Kolkata, India. It is a part of the Vikram Group of companies, having an experience of 40 years in engineering and manufacturing activities. The manufacturing plant has a 150 MW installed capacity spread across 40,000 sq ft area in Falta, West Bengal. Vikram Solar has offices across the whole of India and global offices in Europe and Africa. The company has delivered various ground mounted and rooftop solar projects (utility, commercial and residential) across the whole of India.

5) RelyOn Solar – Founded in 2010 the company has a 10 MW solar power plant at Osmanabad Maharashtra. RelyOn Solar has been accredited as a channel partner by the Ministry for Off-Grid and Decentralized Solar Applications under JNNSM. The company has done more than 500 solar power installations till date be it in hospitals, government buildings, telecom towers, petrol pumps or banks. The company has experience in utility, commercial and residential installations. Other than installation and EPC business, the company also provides centralized solar street lightning system, solar rooftops for homes, off-grid solar power plant and solar powered water pumps.

6) Azure Power – The company came into existence in 2007 and has been amongst the leading solar companies in the Indian industry. Azure Power has experience with grid connected, rooftops and off-grid systems in the country. The company has done such installations in villages, remote areas and residential complexes in India. The company has the longest operating history in India in terms of power plants.

7) Solon – Solon India is apart of the Solon Group. The company has its office in Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh India. The company has installed more than 300MW of solar systems worldwide. It provides single-axis tracking solutions, fixed-tilt ground mount solutions, rooftop solutions and shade structure solutions.

8) Solairedirect – Solairedirect Energy India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Solairediect Group headquartered in Paris. The company has presence across all the PV value chain of solar. It is engaged in modules production, integration, project development, financing, installation, operation and sales.

You can also read List of Solar Installers in USA.



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  1. RAHUL

    Do you have a list of EPC Contractors for Solar Power in Maharashtra?

  2. Vishnu Datt

    Do you also share details of small Solar companies working for green energy generation and help rural Customers avail this service

  3. Sneha Shah

    Hi Vishnu,

    Yes we do share the details of even small companies in solar. You can share your details here:

  4. Suman Brahma

    Dear Sneha,

    This is Suman Brahma from Kolkata. I am working with M/s Iwatec Corporation (Head Office : Nagasaki, Japan) in renewable energy sector.

    I am very much interested to set up a small grid connected solar pv power plant near my home town. Please let me know the following points :

    1. Minimum permissible capacity of the plant for connection to the local grid

    2. Land requirement for the plant

    3. Land to be owned / leased

    4. Permissions required from the State Govt.

    5. Do you assist to get the subsidy from MNRE / State Govt. ?

    6. Any other clearance required from State Govt. / Local Authorities

    7. Total project cost for 100 KW plant including civil/structural work, electrical work, power transmission etc. excluding subsidy

    Please give me an idea so that I can plan for the project to be finalised.

    Thanking you,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Suman Brahma

    Mob : 9804288880

  5. Milan

    Hi, we are starting our business as roof top solar system integrator and need to tie up with some renowned manufacturers of the systems. Can you help us? Thanks & Regards.. Milan

  6. Dhananjay Gaikwad

    We are a consultancy firm in providing green energy solutions. We are looking for solar installers as we already have a tie up with manufacturers of Solar related equipments. Please help us in getting the needfull.


  7. Dhananjay Gaikwad

    Pl provide details of companies including contact details of solar project installers.

  8. Sneha Shah

    Surely Dhananjay, I am currently working on the list of solar project installers in India. Will publish soon

  9. Vishnu Datt

    Dear Dhananjay,
    Loyal Technologies Private Limited is a small Solar Installation company based at Industrial Estate, Rai, Sonipat. We are small but can surely help you guys in Solar Installations of all kinds.
    Our Email address is
    Contact No- 0130-2100222

  10. Vishnu Datt

    Dear Suman,
    Answers to your queries are as under-
    1. Minimum permissible capacity of the plant for connection to the local grid-Depends on State Policies

    2. Land requirement for the plant- Minimum 10Sq. Mtrs. for 1KWp Solar Power Plant

    3. Land to be owned / leased-Both options available

    4. Permissions required from the State Govt. Approvals for Change of Land use, Electricity Department for Grid connection and transmission

    5. Do you assist to get the subsidy from MNRE / State Govt. ?- No subsidy for commercial Solar Plants by MNRE now

    6. Any other clearance required from State Govt. / Local Authorities- As per requirements

    7. Total project cost for 100 KW plant including civil/structural work, electrical work, power transmission etc. excluding subsidy- INR60 lakhs approx.

    Warm Regards
    Vishnu Datt

  11. DP Raut

    Hi All
    You can contact to Sagar Solar,Pune Based company,
    they can help and provide all required info and cost detials in low cost and budget.
    Contact Number : +91- 7066040012 ; Office Landline :020-66355997

    Email id : ; Website :

  12. Rakesh Das

    Do you have a list of EPC Contractors for Solar Power in Madhya pradesh and gujrat?

  13. Sneha Shah

    Hello Rakesh,
    Please chk your inbox. Thanks for reading my blog and contacting me

  14. Sait abdul kareem

    hi sneha I am Abdul kareem from Chennai

    I want list of solar epc in chennai

  15. Sneha Shah

    Hello Mr kareem,

    PLz chk your inbox


    Like to recieve \\solar Power EPC companies contact no.

  17. Srinath

    Hi Sneha,

    Your blog was simply good. Can you please share me the list of EPC contractors in Maharashtra region?


  18. suresh malik

    Do you have list of solar installers in north India

    if yes please send at

  19. Darshan Ajmera

    Hi, I want to enter into solar business, roof top solar system integrator and need to tie up with some renowned manufacturers of the systems. Do you have a list of EPC Contractors for Solar Power in Madhya pradesh and gujrat? please guide me.

  20. Ashutosh M

    Hi Sneha,

    Ashutosh this side. Would like to know the SME solar EPCs who would be interested in JV for setting up Solar Power plants – both Roof Top and Ground mounted – in India.

  21. yasbir signh

    Hello Sneha Shah,
    can you please provide the list of all Solar EPC companies in india.
    as we are manufacturer of Solar PV modules and Mounting structures. it will be help ful for us to market our products.
    Thankx and Regards
    yasbir singh

  22. Roy

    need list of solar products installation companies

  23. vishal

    am looking to start a solar roof top company having 9 years experience in power trading.
    have a friend who has a solar roof top company in australia setting up solar roof tops in petrol pumps and industries.
    can you suggest me the regulations for knowledge,And state having feeding tariff.
    vishal kapadia

  24. Ravi

    can i get solar epc players list with their contacts

  25. Prashant Shah

    Hello Sneha Shah,

    Nice to see this blog. Can you tell me any projects in India which is give power production from Sun & Wind also with Micro instruments.

    Also send me list of solar company’s based in Gujarat.

    Thanks & Have a good day.

    Prashant Shah

  26. Sneha Shah

    Dear Vishal,

    Please contact us with your phone number at and we shall get back to you. Thanks!

  27. Ashok

    Hi Sneha,

    Nice to see this blog. I am looking for a EPC who can invest @650Cr for installation for PV Roof top. Can you suggest any co. Europeon/Japanese also ok. They should have 5 yrs experience of installation of PV module.

  28. Sneha Shah

    Dear Ashok ji,

    I have forwarded your request will update you if I hear from them.

  29. vipin joshi

    hi sneha,
    ur work is commendable…
    I am looking for EPC along with new projects awarded
    to them in Madhya pradesh. specially 250 MW in teh-Suwasara , distt-mandsaur (M.P)

  30. Sneha Shah

    Hi Vipin,

    Thank u for the comment! You can follow MPNRED for Madhya Pradesh solar news.

  31. pmurugan

    You are great .I am working as Direct selling agent of SPL solar system , based at Mumbai and quite encouraged to receive roof top solar plant orders.

  32. SRIRAM K

    This is sriram from chennai, kindly let me any solar water heater requirements in domestic and commercial.
    by SRIRAM K


    Hi Sneha,

    I request you to forward me list of solar companies as well as Solar integrators/delaers in andhra pradesh especically from Rayalaseema.
    K. R Ramesh

  34. Mahesh koti

    Hi Sneha,
    I am searching for training in solar,Where do I get training on integrator? I am from north Karnataka… Please guide me…

  35. Sunil Shaligram

    I am a distributor of Energy Team a Company manufacturing various solar PV related products Like Instruments for PV plant Monitoring, -solar PV string controller,sensor for solar radiation and temperature,current reading module,software for PV energy management etc etc.
    To promote these superior product I will be highly oliged if you can furnish me system integrators details
    Sunil Shaligram

  36. aniruddha mukherjee

    Hi sneha
    very good morning to you. Need to know the list of solar system integrator in west bengal/jahrkhand/bihar/ orissa and assam. also to know from other states of North east
    will you please help sneha??

  37. Vinod Gupta

    Hi, Sneha,

    Can you share a list of Gujarat,MP & Rajasthan solar EPC contractors.

    Vinod Gupta

  38. Raj

    Hi Sneha,

    Do you have a list of EPC Contractors for Solar Power in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh?

  39. Sujatha

    Hi, Sneha, could you please provide me the list of EPC contractors in solar & power sector in India

  40. Vivek Mundhra

    Hi Sneha,

    We are providers of Module Mounting Structure. Please suggest EPC contractors who are executing Solar PV projects.Our unit is in Greater Noida Part -2 in Uttar Pradesh.

    Vivek Mundhra
    Marketing Manager
    Vishal Pipes Ltd. Delhi
    Mobile no. 95998 15657

  41. Mritunjay Kumar

    Hi, Sneha,

    Can you share a list of Gujarat,MP & Rajasthan solar EPC contractors.

    Mritunjay Kumar
    M- 09097268752

  42. Debasis

    How to register my company as a solar system integrator in india? What is the procedure and whose to contact. Kindly help me.


  43. reshama

    Do you have a list of EPC Contractors for Solar Power in Maharashtra?
    may email id-

  44. govind

    Do you have data on the projected demand of solar roof top projects statewise for 2017

  45. Shashikant Yadav

    Is there any vacancy in solar project for an engineer.

  46. Amol Gongane

    Im currently working as a site engineer on 1mW solar plant. I look for daily maintenance and operation. And now i want to change the job. Can you help me. Which companies should I apply

  47. vipin

    hello Sneha ,

    i really appreciate your are providing good stuff for the processionals.

    here I am looking to have a list of solar EPC in Delhi.

    Vipin bhardwaj

  48. Sneha Shah

    Hi Vipin,

    Thanks for reading my blog. I am in the process of remaking the list and will soon upload on the website. Keep visiting to have it :)

  49. Manikanta

    Dear sneha,
    i am manikanta i am looking for job in solar epc. i have a 1 year 7 months of experiance . you can hlp me for any vaicances in hyd

  50. Neelima

    Hi Sneha ,

    We are manufacturing Solar Module, Solar Inverter, off grid power storage system , rooftop, solar street light, portable solar panels, solar home lighting system, solar operated Irrigation Pump on based at Delhi.
    Have you any EPC contractor list for solar in delhi or all over india.

  51. Lawrence GeorgeMannan

    For Installation and Commissioning of Solar Power Plant both Ground mounted and Rooftop at cheap price pan India

    Please contact
    G Lawrence
    CEO, LAUREL Energy Chennai
    +91 9965088886,

  52. Dharmendra kumar

    Hi, Sneha mam
    i want to EPC & I&C project for my company shakuntla solar energy solutions
    please help me
    Email :-
    also visit this link

  53. Name (required)

    Do you have list of solar installers for rooftop in India(North,west,south and east. ) for bosch.Kindly send to

  54. Deepak Sharma

    Hi, Sneha mam
    I want to EPC & I&C project for my company Diva Engineering & Technology Lucknow (UP)
    Can you please help me out.

  55. Aditya Tripathjy

    Hey sneha,
    i am currently working with a solar EPC company.
    i need a favour, like can i get list of solar EPC companies of India.

  56. Nagamuthu

    Hi madam,
    I really appreciate your work, you are providing good stuff for the processionals.
    Do you have a list of EPC Contractors for Solar Power in karnataka & tamilnadu ?

    Smart Solutons

  57. vilas Bhosale

    Hi Sneha
    can you please share list of Solar EPC in Maharashtra

    Vilas bhosale

  58. Smile

    Hi, this is Smile from Amerisolar which is a manufacturer and supplier of solar modules and inverters. Amerisolar is an American brand with more than 10 years. If you have any questions, please call me without hesitation.

  59. Vijayan Alappat

    Hi Sneha ,
    I want tostart a solar installation companwith approval from in Trichur ,Kerala,India with Anert approval to obtain subsidies for customers.
    Basically iam an Electrical Engineer with more than 30 years experience.
    Can you please tell me the procedures for above

  60. Mohiuddin Ahmed

    Hi Sneha,

    Can you please send me list of top 20 EPC companies of
    Indian PV market? Do you have state-wise installation information.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  61. Praveen Tewari

    Hi Sneha,

    Our house in Delhi and is under construction. I am looking for Solar EPC contractors in and around Delhi for installing the solar panels on the terrace of the house and connecting it to the grid. I have no first hand experience. Any advice or information that you can pass on to make it happen.

    Appreciate your help!

  62. Sneha Shah

    Hi Praveen,
    You can contact companies like Vikram and Waaree Solar. There are many local players also in this segment.

  63. Prateek Khandelwal


    Can you please share me details of the top EPC companies in delhi ncr or in northern region,


  64. Kaushik Amin

    Do you have a list of EPC Contractors for Solar Power in Rajasthan Madhya pradesh and gujrat?

  65. Omprakash

    Hi Snehaji,
    Can you share the list of solar integrators/Solar EPC in Maharashtra

    Warm Regards
    Omprakash Saroj

  66. Murtaza

    Hi Sneha,
    Can you pls share list of EPC contractors and Solar Panels manufacturers in karnataka.

  67. Suresh

    Hi! Sneha….ur blog is interesting.Best Wishes!
    Can you send me a list of big & huge solar installation groups along with their project installation & location details,for conducting a study on massive solar production, the shortfalls in maintaining such plants. Also would be very obliged to contact solar companies with huge installation projects. Thanks!

  68. Manoj Ahire

    Hi Sneha,

    Can you please share solar power plant (Small / Large) developers contact list

  69. Sneha Shah

    Hi Manoj,

    I am receiving a lot of queries regarding this. However, the list is formatted. I am working on building it again once done, I will publish it here. Thanks!

  70. m ram

    Can you pls share list of EPC contractors and Solar Panels manufacturers in india

  71. Aniket Sawant

    Hi Sneha,

    Please provide me list of epc for solar project in Maharashtra. it will be great if you help us with contact details also.
    Thanks for your kind support in advance.

    Aniket Sawant

  72. sanjay

    can you share list of EPC company for Solar Power in India with contact details and Location.

  73. DeepakL

    Hi Sneha,

    please send me list of solar I &C Contractor at NCR & MP

  74. Hiren Patel

    Hi Sneha , we are EPC electrical Contractor for Solar , do u have any list of upcoming solar power plant list ???

    Hiren Patel

  75. sanjay

    Hi Sneha,

    Please list of solar EPC company with contact details. we have solar SCADA solution for Solar PV Plants.

  76. JP GUPTA

    Madam Sneha, Please provide me EPC list based at Kolkatta and Guwahati for my project 50 MW capacity likly to come up soon. Thanks JP Gupta

  77. Mandeep

    Sneha Hi
    Please provide. list of solar EPC company with contact details. we have Solar PV Plants contracts in hand.

  78. Uvesh Khan

    Hello Sneha,

    Can you please provide me the list of all Solar EPC companies with contact details in India.
    As we are manufacturer of Solar PV modules in India and also in US. it will be helpful for us to market our products.
    Thanks and Regards

    Uvesh Khan

  79. shivam sachan

    This is shivam sachan from Kanpu, India .
    We are solar installer in India specially utar Pradesh. Any one can contact the installation or full system above 50 kwp .
    MY contact no. Is 009451250184

  80. Chiradip Biswas

    Hello Sneha,
    I am Chiradip Biswas from Tata Projects Limited- QS division. We are interested in inspection related activities of Solar Projects and Brought out items. It will be helpful for us if you give the list of EPC players (Solar) in Eastern India

  81. Pratik vyas

    hello sneha
    please provide solar EPC company list in india.

  82. Dharmendra kumar

    hello sneha
    please provide solar EPC company list in india. and consultant in india.

  83. Rajesh

    Hi Friends
    We ( Credible Solar) is an EPC Co doing On Ground and Roof Top Solar System includes on Grid and Off Grid or Reverse metering Installations. Please Call us for your any requirements in Solar Projects
    Rajesh Kumar Singh
    visit our website

  84. Khaja Aslam

    Hi Sneha,
    I am searching for training in solar on grid ,Where do I get training is there any online exam for solar in prometric centers


  85. Abhijeet yadav

    Good afternoon sneha ,
    hope your health is good,
    my name is abhijeet – 7428264034 working in mehar solar technology pvt. ltd, I request kindly provide solar epc installer in rajasthan and punjab.

  86. vipin tiwari

    please let me know solar EPC companies in india.
    thanks & regards

  87. vishal

    Rays Power Infra Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certified leading integrated Solar Power Company with presence across the entire solar value chain. A pioneer in the development of green technology solutions that are environmental friendly, energy-efficient & cost-effective. The company is capable of delivering quick returns on investments, which has helped us gain the reputation of being a pioneer in the field of solar power generation. Started by IIT Roorkee graduates in 2011, Rays Power Infra Private Limited owns IPP assets (both ground mounted and rooftop), expertise in the Transmission and Power distribution segment and in-house EPC capabilities.

  88. No Name


    we are working as an EPC provider for SPV projects for IPP’s across Pan India.
    If any one interested/ willing to work as installation partner, then kindly click on the link below and fill the questionnaire.

  89. Ankit

    List of companies offering opex method for solar power plant.

  90. Raju Karimgol

    Hi Sir,
    Can you send me the solar system integrator list in Kolhapur – Maharashtra.