The solar market has become a two track market for solar manufacturers. Some producers are doing extremely well growing both revenues and margins, while others are struggling to survive. Polysilicon sub-segment is seeing this trend in the extreme, as only 10 large poly producers are making large profits while others are going bankrupt. The reason […]

IREDA to finance Solar Energy India’s main renewable energy funding agency IREDA is going to shift its focus towards solar energy as the country has made extremely ambitious plans to install multiple gigawatts of solar energy. IREDA has already raised its equity capital base and is set to increase its funding from different national and […]

Solar demand 2015 The solar industry has grown at a torrid pace in the last 5 years, growing from 8 GW per year to more than 40 GW last year as major countries such as China, Japan and USA ramped up their demand through proactive subsidy polices. So even as European demand declined sharply, these […]

India to instal 100 GW solar capacity The Indian power minister recently said that the Indian government is going to raise its solar energy target dramatically from 20 GW in 2022 to 100 GW. This is a massive target increase. To give some context, the total global solar capacity installed by 2013 was 100 GW. […]

Effect of US Anti-Dumping duties on China & Taiwan The US anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese and Taiwanese solar products has upended the global solar supply chain with manufacturers of both these countries setting / shifting factories in locations other than these two countries. We have already written about how Taiwanese cell makers are […]

Technology to kill more Jobs Technology has made the pace of change increase manifold in recent times and have made things increasingly difficult for the professional workforce around the world. Earlier technology change had made manufacturing jobs redundant, due to improving automation as well outsourcing of jobs to low cost third world locations. This trend […]