Affordable Diwali Gifts Diwali is very near now and amidst the excitement of the festival, there is a concern of smart gifting to near and dear ones. Why I say smart gifting is because everyone wants to give a gift that is worth their money and also useful to the receiver. I myself am now […]

Indian retailers are getting desperate with each passing day as online retailers take away their sales (and profits), with the convenience of shopping at home and that too at cheaper prices. Online retailers in India have seen their revenues grow exponentially. Even the smaller ones such as have seen their top line grow by […]

Air Fryers in India Today’s lifestyle is trending to be more and more towards a sedentary lifestyle. It involves a lot of sitting at one place either working, watching TV or playing games on your smartphones. The kids are also adapting to this kind of lifestyle, where little physical activity is involved. Thus it exposes […]

Solar thermal technology has become a failed one, with solar PV taking over as the mainstream solar energy technology. Solar thermal companies have been going bankrupt at a rapid pace and solar thermal plants are being cancelled left, right and center. Some of the solar thermal plants are being converted into solar PV ones now. […]

Gujarat – Offshore Wind Energy Gujarat is all set to host the country’s first offshore wind farm. India has been planning offshore wind energy capacity for the last 3-4 years without much result. Gujarat has been at the forefront given that the state has the longest coastline in the country and has good sties for […]

Risk for Renewable Energy Renewable energy has been on a big roll in the last couple of years, with solar energy leading the way. The massively falling costs of renewable energy has made it competitive with fossil fuel power in a large number of places. For example Solar energy over 25 years can be sold […]