Power Banks from Sony Sony is a world famous electronics company and is renowned for various breakthroughs in the technology market. Sony sells Power banks in various makes in India. Power banks are gradually becoming a necessity for business associates and corporate employees who travel regularly as a part of their job profile. Sony’s power […]

Power Bank Life is on high speed these days. People today are constantly busy with their electronic gadgets. Can’t imagine a life without them! Smartphones is a rescue to all the problems of the modern day. The problem is they consume a lot of energy and easily go out of charge since we are using […]

Solar Installations by 2025 Global solar installations can reach 200 GW a year according to a new research by IEA. The report says that solar PV could supply 16% of the worlds’ energy and I see no reason to dispute this forecast. Solar energy prices have fallen by almost 70% in the last 6 years […]

The Bullish Indian Economy The Indian economy which was in dire straits just a year ago is seeing lots of good news these days. Most investors had given up on the Indian economy and markets as corruption and policy paralysis had become endemic in the last 5 years of Congress party rule. High inflation, commodity […]

Buy Diwali Lights in India online Diwali is a festival of lights. It is believed in the Hindu religion that Diwali lights drive away the darkness and evil from one’s life and lights it up with happiness and prosperity. The home that is lighted the most is supposed to be the home for Goddess Laxmi […]

Buy Electronics Online With the Festive season around, the Indians are on a lookout to grab great deals and shop for themselves. Given the ease of shopping from home and that too at attractive prices, anyone can end up buying something or the other. The same thing happened with me, given the hype the online […]