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Power from Poo?

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Severn Trent to produce useful Gas from sewage

Britain’s water company Severn Trent Plc is all set to generate renewable gas from processed human excreta. The company is the second largest water company in Britain. Another great achievement in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. There have been examples in the past where companies have generated energy for in house purposes, this is a new case where this gas is being fed to the grid and thus providing it to the masses as well.

Advantages of using this processed Gas

Not only this gas is green, it is also cost saving. It is 100% safe as it has been used for cooking purposes. The company is also contributing this bio methane gas to the grid, which will in turn be used by the common people. This is happening for the first time in UK by a water company, though there have been examples of using it for in-house purposes. The company is able to save approximately 1.7 million pounds annually on its gas bill.

How the Gas is generated from sewage

Currently the facility has a capacity to treat the waste from 2.5 million people. This sledge is then treated into systems, where it is broken down into gas. Finally the gas is washed and compressed. Tests are performed to check the odor and quality of the gas so as to ensure that the gas is safe and useable. Finally it is fed to the grid for the common man to use it. The company believes it can also use food scraps as a source of generating power.

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Under pressure from the U.K. water regulator Ofwat to keep customer bills low, Severn Trent turned to “poo power” as part of a series of measures to boost efficiencies and reduce expenses. As energy is its second-highest operating cost, Farris said, this enables the company to save as much as 1.7 million pounds a year on its gas bill.

Source: Renewable Energy World


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