Chinese solar companies are benefiting hugely from the Chinese government’s decision to install 35 GW of solar power by 2015. China is going to install around 8-10 GW this year, with the 2014 target of 12 GW. The state run utilities as well as large solar companies in China are going on a development spree […]

Chinese Government cuts 80% Solar Support China has been going through a massive overinvestment spree in the last 5 years as the monetary authorities loosened conditions in the aftermath of the Lehman crisis. The credit growth in China has been truly spectacular and has resulted in increased fragilities in the banking system. The recent spurt […]

Quasi bankrupt German solar panel maker Solarworld just refuses to die quietly. The company has been instigating solar trade wars between major trade blocs. It even managed to get duties imposed by the US government on Chinese made solar cells. This did not make any difference to the imports, as the other Asian companies filled […]

Solar energy plants have notched up a big win in Minessota, with both the state electricity regulators and a US judge favoring solar power plants for expansion of power capacity over natural gas power plants. The state had put out a tender for buying electricity and had received multiple applications. Xcel Energy had submitted plans […]

Shungfeng to install 10 GW of Solar Capacity by 2015 The Chinese company Shungfeng has been shortlisted for buying over the solar manufacturing assets of Suntech. Shungfeng is listed on the HK stock exchange and was a minor renewable energy player till it made a bid for Suntech. Note Suntech used to be the largest […]

India’s power industry remains in the woeful, desperate state because of the endemic corruption, vested interests and regulatory capture by powerful corporates. This regulated industry has become a toy for powerful political and business lobbies who use the industry for their own personal advantage. Despite having one of the largest reserves of coal in the […]