India’s JNNSM 2 receives Big Response India’s landmark central solar subsidy mission JNNSM received a very good response for the Phase 2 reverse auctions. More than 2100 MW of bids were put in for 750 MW of solar PV projects on offer. Note Phase 2 has been late by nearly one year, as the government […]

The Indian wind industry has been in doldrums in recent times, with the removal of long standing accelerated depreciation subsidy as well as the removal of generation based incentives. This coupled with inadequate transmission capacities has made wind energy slow down considerably. While GBI has been reintroduced, the animal spirits are missing in the wind […]

NTPC is collaborating with Geological Survey of India to look into building India’s first geothermal plant at Tattapani at Chattisgarh. Note India does not have a commercial geothermal plant yet. Geothermal energy has not really caught on despite its obvious advantage. It requires no fuel, works 24 hours a day and is totally green. Read […]

We at Greenworldinvestor have always been of the opinion that most solar thermal plants will never come up in India, given the atrociously low bids made by companies such as Reliance and Lanco during the reverse auctions of Phase 1 of the Jawaharlal Nehru Mission. While the solar PV developers were bailed out by the […]

Jinko Solar buys Topoint Solar Factories Jinko Solar is all set to get the solar factories of Topoint group for a cheap price, as consolidation hits the Chinese solar industry. The solar boom in 2010 had led all sorts of industrial groups to enter the solar industry. Many of these new ventures neither have the […]

Problems for JNNSM Phase 2 India’s JNNSM federal solar subsidy plan Phase 2 has gotten delayed by more than a year because of funding issues and regulatory confusion. Phase 1 of JNNSM was led by NVVN, which is the trading arm of India‚Äôs large state owned utility NTPC. Funding was relatively easy as the expensive […]