The Global Solar Scenario Solar power is seeing a boom in demand, after a vicious two year downturn in which massive overcapacity in China drove down the panel prices by almost 75%, throwing all solar manufacturers into losses. The industry saw hundreds of bankruptcies, with some of the top players exiting the industry after racking […]

Solar Power Cheap & Green Solar energy has already reached electric grid parity in a number of places around the world. Self consumption is slowly becoming a small but important growth driver of solar demand, as many high electric cost regions on earth find that installing solar panels make a huge amount of economic sense. […]

India misses its Green Energy Target The Indian renewable energy industry is not in the pink of health, as is portrayed by a number of ignorant mainstream media journalists. The country’s wind energy sector has taken a battering over the last two years as subsidies have been abruptly removed, grid constraints have cropped up and […]

Bosch to pay Solarworld to overtake its plant in Germany Bosch has been one of the biggest losers in the solar industry, as we estimate that the company has lost more than $1.2 billion in its solar venture. Bosch bought two Tier 2 German solar companies for extremely expensive valuations during the peak of the […]

“Clean Kerala” to clean Kerala India faces a huge and growing problem of electronic waste, as increasing disposable income and falling prices of electronics has sharply increased the electronic waste quantity in India. While India has passed laws to control this growing problem, implementation remains lax and e-waste industry is mostly controlled by the unorganized […]

India’s Electricity Act of 2003 ushered in major reforms in the power sector, allowing the creation of state and central electricity regulators as well as the Appellate Tribunal of Electricity. People having grievances with the orders of the SERCs and CERC could appeal to the Tribunal for redressal. Tamil Nadu recently passed a major solar […]