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Solar Planes to fly over Oil rich countries to lure investment in Clean Energy

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Solar Plane in Abu Dhabi

UAE and Middle East countries are oil rich countries and have been ruling the world in terms of oil. But they do understand that this resource is not an on-going source of energy and will exhaust sooner or later. Hence a lot of such countries are now investing in Solar and other renewable energy projects. To make the idea more attractive two Swiss pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg have decided to take a world tour in their solar aircraft. The journey is conceived to begin an end in Abu Dhabi, another oil rich city.

Last year two Swiss pilots drove another solar airplane in the USA for 24 hours. But this time the plan is more elaborate. The pilots will fly Solar Impulse 2 for a continuous five days, spanned over 4-5 months time. They are being given special training to fit in the space constrained cockpit and to remain alert. If this works out, it will be the biggest commercial application of solar energy. Many corporates have supported this event. The energy giant Masdar in Abu Dhabi is also looking eagerly forward to the same. Not only the pilots have made an airplane to run on solar energy possible, but are also thinking of ways to produce oxygen from it.

The oil rich countries have now realized that the significance of renewable energy and have started investing in more clean and green projects. The idea of starting and ending the flight in Abu Dhabi was to make the investors there realize the importance and application of solar energy and attract more investments in solar. Solar energy is the most promising way to go Clean and Green and thus save our planet and precious resources on earth.

“It’s a country that fits with the message we have,” Mr. Piccard said. “It’s an oil-producing country that invests a lot for renewable energy knowing that oil will not be forever. We don’t fight against oil — we just show that we can diversify and be more energy-efficient.”

Source: NY times


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