2012 The year 2012 has been a memorable year for the Global Financial Market and the Global Economy. Some of the key happenings taking place across the globe including Indian economy are enlisted below: 1) Euro zone slips into second recession The 17-country euro zone fell back into recession for the first time in three […]

1) Have solar cell prices finally stopped falling? 2) Ingot Furnace supplier JYT wins big case against LDK Solar 3) Hanwha Solar gets a big credit line from Bank of Beijing 4) Drastic Silver substitution  taking place in solar energy as prices climb steeply 5) Polysilicon maker OCI reports a loss as prices fall below […]

Tidal Energy: An Overview Tides are caused through a combination of forces created by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon and the rotation of the earth. Energy naturally present in water bodies – or in their movement – can be used for generation of electricity, through tidal, wave and thermal energy. Energy […]

Hero Motocorp Ltd. Hero Motocorp Ltd., formerly Hero Honda, is the world’s largest two-wheeler motorcycle company, based in New Delhi. The Company was started in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycles of India and Honda of Japan. The company is the largest two wheeler manufacturer in India and is ranked #108 in the […]

The Indian Finance Ministry has recently asked the Central Bank of India, the Reserve Bank to consider giving infrastructure status to the housing sector. The ministry has also asked to relax the provisioning norms in the sector so that banks can attract the potential buyers, to lend loans at attractive interest rates. This will boost the economic development […]

“If you suffer from small loans, you have a problem; but when you borrow alarmingly large sums, then it is the lender who will suffer a greater problem!” Simply put, this is the dangerous financial position of the US presently, undermining its continued ability to raise borrowings or to service them. If its debt bubble […]