Inflation It is expected that the rising inflation, which is the cause of slowdown in the nation’s growth; may ease somewhat in the year 2013, owing to easing supply which was quite stubborn in the year 2012. The efforts by Government and RBI to control inflation went in vain and the regulatory bodies were unsuccessful […]

Introduction There are going to be big winners and losers if Europe finds that the biggest anti dumping case against China has hurt its domestic solar companies. A trade group called ProSun, led by German solar panel maker Solarworld, complained against super cheap imports of solar modules from China to the EU. The EU has […]

Role of Real Estate in the Indian Economy The Indian economy which is one of the most sought after emerging economies of the current century saw its GDP revised in negative direction consistently for the three quarters in the year 2012. The trend is expected to prevail in 2013 as well, though it is expected […]

12th Five year Plan The first five-year plan (1951-1956) was presented to the Parliament of India by the then first Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The Five year Plans play an important role in the Indian Economy. These are a set of plans which are laid down and its proper implementation and execution results in […]

Sugar Industry The 80,000 crore Sugar Industry saw a bumper production this year, making the Industry taste sweeter, as compared to the several previous years. High production in the industry led to higher exports and signs of freedom from government direct control, were seen as the positives for the industry. The end consumers had to […]

Wave Energy Although wave energy is less intensive than what is available in more northern and southern latitudes, it has a potential of around 40,000 MW along the 6,000 km coast of India. The R&D activity for exploring wave energy in India began at the Ocean Engineering Center, IIT – Madras, in 1982. Primary estimates […]