Suntech Liquidating Suntech which is the largest solar bankruptcy case in China is slowly shutting down. After its main operating subsidiary Wuxi Suntech was declared insolvent, there was little hope of survival for the main listed company in the USA. Now the Caymans holding company is also going through liquidation proceedings and it is likely to […]

E-Waste Disposal in India India is importing billions of dollars of electronics each year now as people hanker after the latest smartphones and tablets. The average life of a new electronic device has decreased radically, with a smartphone’s life being just 2 years on average. Note this characteristic is not unique to India but is […]

Green Power Subsidy in Germany Germany has been the biggest reason for the success of solar energy growth, as its EEG law allowed big solar panel makers to gain sufficient industrial scale. The progressive lowering of FIT under EEG also forced solar panel makers to cut costs every year, such that now in just 5-6 […]

China Solar Industry China was always supposed to be the holy grail which would lead the solar panel industry to great profitability. In 2010 and 2011 even as Germany installed 6-7000 MW of solar panels every year, China barely installed even 200 MW as the government found solar energy too expensive and refused to give […]

Indian and Chinese Solar Frauds India and China are not only very large fast growing economies but very corrupt ones as well. Greenworldinvestor readers would already have read the tons of articles on Indian corruption and Chinese corruption as well. Both the economies have weak institutions and corruption is rife with bureaucrats and leaders boasting […]

The Indian economy is in a bad shape, thanks to the atrociously bad government of the ruling Congress party. Not only is the country riddled with corruption but even normal functioning of business has been impaired due to the monstrous red tape. High taxes, byzantine permission processes, an investment freeze etc. has contributed to the […]