SMA Solar Downfall It has been a sad downhill story for the leading PV inverter maker SMA Solar. The company has not managed the changed dynamics of the PV inverter industry where the locus has shifted to China and Japan from Europe. The company had the largest marketshare with 40% in 2010 and made huge […]

Traditional Retailers vs. Online Retailers in India The whole Indian retail industry is facing a huge problem due to the advent of online retail companies. These online retailers have got massive funding and are aggressively expanding into many categories. They not only offer greater choice and quality, but also lower prices. This is turning out […]

Female Worker Participation in India Increasing worker participation ratio is a key feature of economies which move from the low income to the middle income level. However, in India the reverse is happening. The worker participation ratio is decreasing instead of increasing. This means that the country is seeing less output which means less prosperity. […]

Solar Companies – China I have been negative on the smaller Chinese solar companies such as Daqo and China Sun Energy, as these companies have not got the scale and size to effectively compete. Though their share prices have shot up drastically with the rest of the solar sector, their fundamentals have not improved at […]

Vestas Vestas has been going through a torrid time in the last 4-5 years, as the Chinese competition has destroyed the business model of the leading wind turbine players such as Suzlon and Gamesa. Vestas has been posting large losses in the last few years as prices for its main products have declined substantially due […]

GTAT – A Stock to Buy GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) has seen a spectacular stock run on the back of improved solar sentiments in recent time. I had advocated the company as a buy a year ago, based on the fact that the company has tremendous potential in terms of its new technologies. The company […]