Gujarat wants a  Retroactive Cut in Tariffs The Gujarat government has been touting the success of the solar power scheme enacted by the state government, which led to almost 60% of the solar installations in the country being installed by Gujarat alone. Almost 1 GW of solar power has been installed in the state by developers […]

Aam Aadmi Party to Face Funding Investigation It is an open secret in India that politicians and political parties fund their activities through billions of dollars of tainted black money. Party funding is opaque and they have also banded together to stop the use of Right to Information (RTI) applicability on their funding. BJP and […]

Europe Solar Demand Decline For many years, Europe has been the main driver of growth of the solar industry worldwide. In fact, it is highly doubtful whether the solar panel prices would be as low as they are today without the massive green subsidies given by Germany. Italy and Spain too did their bit sparking […]

Abound Solar Bankruptcy The US government grants and loans to green energy companies has not given good results, frequently resulting in big bankruptcies. The reason is that the green companies are capital intensive and require a long period of support before they can become viable. The stiff competition posed by the Asian companies has also made […]

Will Borg Energy change the Sorry state of the Indian Power situation Borg Energy India has come up with a great solution to power Indian homes with solar power solutions using solar panel arrays. The company is giving a complete solution in which a home can be powered with solar energy as well as grid […]

The Indian government is looking to set up four gigantic solar panel power plants with hundreds of thousands of solar panels in each farm. The government is looking to replicate the Rajasthan 4000 MW power plant in other places in the country, which have very high solar power insolation. Note India is a growing country […]