E-commerce in India India is seeing a massive boom in online retail, with growth rate by top companies easily touching the three digit mark. Billions of dollars of sales are being reported now as the industry has started to mature and consolidate around big companies. While profitability is still elusive like Amazon, the massive growth […]

Utilities are fighting for their lives as solar energy gets more prevalent each day with falling costs and support from customers and the government. Not only is solar power clean, but the cost is also fixed for 25 years unlike other sources where volatility is high. Utilities have had a very safe and secure existence […]

India’s cities are not an easy place to live with large areas facing difficulties in accessing basic amenities such as water, electricity, good roads etc. Indian cities are democratic only in name, as most of the powers rest with the government appointed bureaucrats. Most of the power is held by the municipal commissioners who are […]

Great Quarter for Jinko Solar Jinko Solar (JKS) has shown one of the greatest stock prices increase amongst solar stocks in the last couple of years. The company has managed to decrease costs at a faster pace than everybody else that has led to its margins being the highest amongst the Chinese solar panel companies. […]

Indian Capital Markets The Indian capital markets recently made a new all-time high but there is no sense of jubilation or high fives that generally takes place. The stock broking sector is going through an acute crisis with thousands of job losses and company closure. The economy is mired in a deep slump with stagflation […]

Solar energy is a capital intensive industry with almost all of the costs of generating solar energy being front loaded. There is little expenditure in terms of operational costs and most of the money is required in buying the solar panels/inverters and installing the system. Even though the lifetime costs for solar electricity has reduced […]