Germany has been a trailblazer in solar energy usage, with its terrific EEG law being the single largest factor in making solar energy reach the current heights of success, it has reached today. The feed in tariffs which decreased by double digits every year forced solar manufactures to reduce costs and improve efficiency at a […]

Retail Investors stay away from the Indian Stock Markets I keep laughing at stories from financial planners and analysts in newspapers, advising retail investors to put money into equity markets for higher returns. Retail investors on the other hand, have been completely uninfluenced by such advice putting money mainly into real estate and gold. Financial […]

Solar panel prices have been consistently rising for solar panel makers, leading to better gross margins and profits. But upstream material producers such as wafers and polysilicon have not seen their prices increase too much, leading to negative gross margins for most upstream companies. But with solar panel demand rising at a rapid pace and […]

Solarworld to buy A Solar Plant German solar cell and module makers have been completely vanquished by the onslaught of giant low cost Chinese solar panel makers. Their cost structures are too high for them to compete with the Asian producers. Solarworld is the last big surviving German solar panel producer with others such as […]

Websol Energy Faces Liquidation The Indian solar manufacturing has been comatose due to massive Chinese expansion. Some Indian companies which had started solar panel and cell production are running at very low utilizations or not at all. Those companies which do not have a solar development or an EPC arm are getting pulverized by the […]

Rising Inflation hits the Indian Middle class Even as smuggler make hay thanks to our government, honest middle class citizens are being squeezed like lemons by the soaring inflation. The wage hikes of 8-10% have not been enough to keep up with the increased prices of basic stuff like food and energy. The living standards […]