Asahi Glass to exit Solar Glass Business? China is starting to dominate all parts of the crystalline solar supply chain. The country earlier used to dominate the solar module manufacturing but is now extending this dominance to other parts of the solar industry. One of the major factors in the growth of other solar ancillary […]

India‘s inept and corrupt government, over-leveraged and corrupt companies, non existent manufacturing capacity etc. have resulted in India becoming one of the biggest importers of oil, electronics, capital equipment etc. Despite having generous resources, good management capability and extremely abundant and cheap labor, India still imports most of its needs. There is no reason for […]

Suntech has been the poster child of Chinese solar failure after the company stopped bond payments earlier this year and its top management was unceremoniously shown the door. Suntech has been the first major bankruptcy in China, as the companies do not usually fail in China’s state managed capitalist economy. The company had a massive […]

Scientist Myles Steiner has announced that The Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has set a new world record at 31.1% for a two-junction solar cell. The research team at NREL beat Alta Devices’ previous record by 0.3%. The new solar cell consists of a layer of gallium indium phosphide on a gallium arsenide cell. Bilayer anti-reflective […]

Retail Solar Financing At Greenworldinvestor, we have always thought that the country’s needs would be more served if the government stopped subsidizing the large massive solar farms in favor of small rooftop solar installations. A massive power deficit, affordable solar systems, inadequate transmission makes India ideal for rooftop solar installation. However, the government of India […]

METI to Survey The Japanese Solar Farms The Japanese solar boom has continued unabated over the last one and half years with massive FITs leading to every Tom, Dick and Harry rushing to Japan to build a solar farm. Gambling operators and Goldman Sachs have also thrown their hats into the ring. When GS invests […]