WinWinD Goes Bankrupt The Wind Turbine industry has been going through a prolonged recessionary phase, as massive overcapacity created by the Chinese players have reduced prices and margins drastically. The WTG industry has seen almost all companies operating in the red, as prices have gone below the costs for companies. Even the largest WTG makers […]

A new research has been added to the debate over climate change, stating an alarming scenario: by the middle of this century, the hottest years could become the coolest recorded over the last 150 years.  The timing of climate departure from recent variability depends on location, but is a global phenomenon causing severe “economical and societal disruptions”, […]

The solar panel industry has been on a major upswing in 2013, with stock prices doubling even tripling for major solar panel makers such as Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Sunpower etc. The reason has been the very strong demand leading to full capacity utilization and ASP increase of solar products. Solar module prices have seen […]

I love buying technology gadgets and that too when they are being offered at a huge discount. Buying phones and tablets in India is always costlier than buying it from USA and other countries, as India imposes a 25% imports duty. Since India manufactures almost zilch in semiconductors and electronics, that means you have to […]

Solar Inverter Market The Solar Inverter Market is seeing increasing pressure of competition even as the solar panel prices have started to stabilize. The solar module makers do not have much room to decrease prices given that most panel makers are still making losses and the gross margins remain near the low double digit level. […]

Inventions in Solar Industry The solar industry is seeing new applications and innovation by industry veterans as the industry grows out of its infancy stage. The industry is already reaching an annual revenue target of $100 billion, which makes it a fairly large one. For example the semiconductor industry is of $250 billion size, while […]