India’s Renewable Market is in for deep trouble as the market linked Renewable Energy Certificate market remains in a deep fund. The Indian government has an ambitious program of increasing the share of clean energy in its electricity generation. The government wants the share to go upto 15% by 2020. However, the REC mechanism devised […]

Global Inequality Global inequality is getting worse each year in almost every country as globalization is leading to a deflation in the prices of low to medium skilled labor, while increasing the prices of specialized and highly skilled labor. Globalization has meant that common services and manufacturing have continued to see a decline in prices […]

India Real Estate in Distress Indian Infrastructure and Real Estate Groups have seen their stock prices crash as losses have ballooned and their debt coverage ratios have dived. Infra stocks are trading for extremely low multiples, as many of them are restructuring their massive debt burdens. These companies went on a spending spree using debt […]

The USA China scenario USA and China have been fighting a big solar trade war since last year, even though the solar product trade continues briskly between the two countries. The Chinese solar industry has virtually captured the entire solar industry in the last 6 years through massive government support which has enabled the Chinese […]

Chinese Government to Restrict the Chinese Solar Industry The Chinese government is set to issue a blanket stop on all PV capacity increase due to the massive overcapacity plaguing the whole industry. Easy loans, land and government support had led to a huge over-investment in the solar panel industry. Hundreds of small solar panel companies […]

Now Indian Government companies to build a Solar Plant in Rajasthan Major Indian government owned companies such as BHEL, Hindustan Salt etc. have come together to plan a massive 4000 MW plant in the desert state of Rajasthan on 23,000 acres of land. The plant will be connected to the national grid and 1000 MW […]