Eastern region of India is a land of huge potential which is endowed with rich minerals, forests, productive and fertile soil along with rich cultural heritage. The available resources along with the man power help the eastern region become the key growth engines. The states have immense potential for growth and large-scale production. Export of […]

Sustainable Development Sustainable development is a mode of human development where the use of resource aims to meet the human need and ensures the sustainability of nature. It also means a development wherein the need and demand of current generation is met without jeopardizing the need of future generation. Sustainable development carries with itself the […]

1) Renewable Energy limits in Bulgaria. The maximum working capacity of all PV and wind plants on the territory to be limited by 40%. 2) Kuwait to invest in alternative clean energy to save more crude for export. Kuwait does not generate any power from clean sources till date. 3) Paris based Solairedirect Energy to set up 5.6MW solar park in […]

Top Solar Products Solar Energy is the fastest and the most effective form of renewable energy used today. Energy from the sun is used and applied in various forms to be used as different products in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. There are numerous advantages of using Solar Power. Solar Energy Potential is almost infinite, with […]

USA is the biggest electricity market in the world with more than 1000 GW of capacity and accounts for almost 20% of the world’s electricity capacity. The country still depends a lot on polluting thermal power plants to power its industries and homes. So it represents a huge market for solar energy which can capture […]

It is now time for West Bengal to get “Solarized” As per the new order by Calcutta High Court, all civic bodies in West Bengal need to ensure that all high rises install solar panels on their roofs within the next four months. The power utilities in the state are also required to generate or purchase […]