Amazon Amazon (AMZN) is the world’s biggest e-commerce retailer which has been growing revenues at a tremendous rate over the last decade. Amazon has not restricted itself to e-commerce, but has branched out to a number of other hardware and software segments. The company was one of the first ones to enter the tablet and […]

Apple (AAPL) stock has been punished by investors after the company’s profits fell in the most recent quarter despite increasing revenues. Apple has been under massive pressure since its last earnings report when management indicated that the company will fail to grow at the stupendous rates of the past. But that should have been obvious […]

Saudi Arabia to diversify in Nuclear Power Saudi Arabia is one of the richest companies in the world with gargantuan foreign reserves which keep increasing each year, ¬†thanks to its massive oil production. Despite not having any other industry, Saudi Arabia’s oil riches have ensured that the country remains one of the richest in the […]