As oil prices continue to fluctuate at high rates, green investing has been looked at by a great number of people. Since oil is a commodity that nearly every country benefits from through trades with others, the rising cost per barrel has made several countries beginning to look at alternative energy sources. Countries such as […]

Solar News 1) Asian Development Bank puts $30 million into pure play renewable Indian company NSL Renewables 2) Indian solar developers lobby to stop anti dumping duty on solar panel imports 3) After Google, Verizon makes a big push into green energy to become more environmentally sustainable 4) Chinese giant Hanergy pushes into the downstream […]

Why is Steel Authority of India a Buy for us For Steel Authority of India it might be the tough time but being patient and waiting for a cyclical turnaround might be profitable for you. We reiterate a BUY for the stock. Talking of the performance we see faltered domestic demand remains a concern, but there […]

Declining Indian Industrial Output It is needless to say that the core Industries is India’s lifeline. The industries are slipping badly marking a threat to the economy. The Index of Industrial production shows a decline in several outputs like electricity. There has been shortage in coal and gas production, which is partly to be blamed […]

Sustainable energy is the provision of sustainable use of energy resources. It ensures that the energy need and demand of the present generation is met without compromising the need of future generations. Renewable source of energy is one of the few technologies which help in promoting the concept of sustainable energy. Renewable energy includes the […]

Samsung (SSNGY.OB) has become the biggest mobile phone seller in the world displacing Nokia (NOK) as the No.1 player in the global market. Samsung has also established itself as the leader in smartphone shipments selling a large number of smartphone models covering almost all price points.The company is the only vertically integrated producer of smartphones […]