Indian Industry Performance History repeats itself, so is the case with Indian economy. The recent IIP numbers released reveal a poor picture about Indian Industry Performance. The IIP data shows that the performance of Indian Industry has been one its worst performance in the past 20 years where Industrial output has grown by a mere […]

China forces Foreign companies to set factories in China China has done a fabulous job in forcing foreign companies to play by its rule in the past. The government there has allowed foreigners the access to its huge market, in return for setting up factories and research centers in the country. It has fostered firms […]

Solar News 1) Japan sees a repeat of the German and Italian solar booms. Can it last? 2) Euro fears drive up prices of Taiwanese solar cells 3) ABB joins solar inverter giant SMA Solar in building a factory in South Africa 4) Panasonic closes the last of its US solar manufacturing as it produces cheap cells in Malaysia […]

 Capital Investment in Solar Industry projected at $2.3 billion in 2013 The solar industry has been sick in the last couple of years as massive over-investment has made it economically viable activity for many players. Continued financial strain made it impossible for companies to spend money on equipment, and they did not have the money […]

Is the quality of Solar Modules compromised today Just when the entire world is getting “solarized“, has crept in another issue regarding the quality standards of the solar modules used. The manufacturers in the race to cut costs have started compromising on quality of the solar panels. It has been reported by many testing centers […]

47% Duty to be imposed by EC Europe and China are playing a high stake poker game with stake value of $27 billion as the European Commission is about to impose a 47% duty on imports of solar modules. The European market has been the biggest market for solar energy in the last few years […]