Solar News 1) Brightsource cancels its 2nd big solar thermal power plant – CSP 0 – Solar PV 10 2) India company bets big on the India REC market by putting up 3 solar ground mounted plants in Rajasthan 3) 400 MW solar plant proposed in remote island in Japan by a German company 4) […]

GAAR GAAR or General Anti Avoidance Rules is a concept which generally empowers the Revenue Authorities in a country to deny the tax benefits of transactions or arrangements which do not have any commercial substance or consideration, other than achieving the tax benefit. Whenever revenue authorities question such transactions, there is a conflict with the […]

Some simple rules of the road, rather than some sweeping theory about institutions or geography, will determine India’s economic success over the visible time horizon. Why do Nations Rise and Fall This is the question which draws a lot of attention not only from academic point of view, but also for the stakeholders related to a nation. Stakeholders may […]

Micro Small and Medium Enterprise The Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector in India is quintessential to achieving the targeted growth rate of our nation. The sector nurtures and breeds budding entrepreneurs and irrigates innovation at its most rudimentary level. By and large, MSME has made a tremendous contribution towards the development and growth […]

Indian Education Industry Literacy in India is one of the key deterrents to socioeconomic progress of the country. The Indian literacy rate currently stands at 74%, which is very well below the world average literacy rate of 84%. In India the median age is 25 years, which results in over 550 million people below the […]

The Reserve Bank of India in its recent monetary policy review has announced a rate cut by 25 basis points. The benchmark interest rate has been reduced from 7.75% to current 7.5%. A similar move that was seen in January by RBI was seen this time too, when the bank made the rate cut announcement. […]