ACC Cement ACC as a company needs no introduction of its own. It’s a well known big player in the cement industry. The current share price of the company suggests a strong upside and is a Buy for us. The cement prices continue to remain firm in key markets of ACC despite a lower demand […]

China’s solar industry is in total chaos with massive overcapacity plaguing the industry for the last two years. Two of the biggest solar companies LDK and Suntech have already defaulted on their debt, while hundreds of others keep churning out huge losses. Foreign governments are incensed with China’s behavior, with US already imposing anti-dumping duties […]

Money Laundering in India At the end the shiny reputation of three of India’s largest private banks was pulled down by mere camera based sting operation. The reporter with a sting camera was one of the courageous individuals who dared to put forward the true story of money laundering carried out by the bank. A […]

Google’s supremacy in Search engines Google Inc. has come a long way when it comes to technology. In today’s time when the internet has captured the mind of an individual, the first thing which comes to mind for information gathering or searing is “Google”. It is quite an achievement for Google to become the website […]

Relevance of Capital Markets In today’s global dynamic market, the economic relevance of a Capital Market lies in its effectiveness. It is dependent on how effective the market performs in the two basic functions which are: Facilitating resource raising from community for financing organizations and government activities linked to growth Providing an organized market place […]

Solar News 1) Second Tier Solar Panel shippers gain the most in 2012 while Japanese make somewhat of a comeback. First Solar, Sharp and Suntech lose the most 2) India – Corruption and Fraud reaches solar product sales as well 3) India government owned SESI building 5.5 MW of solar rooftop projects in 4 cities through rent a […]