Solid Waste Companies and individuals should take waste management seriously to help save the environment. Unfortunately, too many people worldwide aren’t aware of how to properly dispose of their waste products.  To understand how to eliminate the various types of waste, we first need to know the differences between them and what makes them unique. […]

India should fight back by imposing duties on Solar Panel Imports The Indian government has finally woken up and taken the fight to the US in the domestic content case for solar panel usage. I had already written how the US had made India a sucker in the case when First Solar (FSLR) has won […]

BASEL II BASEL II is a new capital adequacy framework designed by the BASEL Committee of Banking Supervision. It is mandated for all the scheduled commercial banks in India by the apex bank, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to safeguard the banks from going bankrupt and to help them maintain adequate liquidity. BASEL Capital Accord […]

Indian solar industry has been lobbying to get anti-dumping duties imposed on solar panel imports for a very long time. The global solar industry downturn has severely hurt the solar makers worldwide. With even the biggest and best solar companies like Yingli Energy (YGE), Suntech (STP) showing huge losses, smaller solar companies have closed down. […]

Emergence of Developing Economies Over the last few decades, the global economy has witnessed the emergence of developing economies. There has been increased global integration and financial innovation. Different economies in the world are getting interrelated, interconnected and integrated. This factor when coupled with Technical innovation which includes internet, mobility, etc. is helping the global […]

Right Marketing & Correct Positing of Products – Key to Great Business When it comes to products or services, the first thing which drives the sales is marketing or the positioning of products and services. The only thing certain  about market is its uncertainty, the complex nature which consists of consumers at the bottom, influencers who […]