2013 a Better Year for Solar Solar demand in 2012 slowed down to just 5% after a 40-50% CAGR over the last decade. The slowdown was inevitable as solar demand was a massive 30 GW in 2012 compared to just 8 GW in 2008. Europe which was the principal driver of growth has slowed down […]

Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB) FCCB or the Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds is a type of convertible bond issued in a currency different than the issuer’s domestic currency. It can be regarded as an instrument used to raise money by the issuing company in the form of a foreign currency. A convertible bond is a debt instrument with equity flavors […]

International Business After globalization becoming the buzzword in today’s world, international business has given a new shape and has also created a new dimension in the world of business as in how the business is carried out. In a layman’s word, International Business is related to the business which is carried out internationally. Formally it is […]

Suntech, China The world’s largest solar panel company in 2011 now faces possible closure as it does not have money to pay the convertible bond due in March 2013. Suntech has been one of the worst managed solar companies despite its initial advantage and size. The company has made numerous mistakes over the years. The […]

FDI in Retail With the continuing poor economic performance, the government finally came up with a positive step by allowing the FDI in retail and aviation. The move came when the underperforming UPA government realized an increased need to bring in foreign funds to the Indian Territory. FDI in retail was one of the major […]

Medium to Small Enterprises, MSME India India is a developing economy which can be characterized by the following salient features: Low per Capita Income Rapid population growth Predominance of Agriculture Unemployment Capital-scarce economy. Owing to the slow Hindu rate of growth post Independence, until its fate become worse by the Balance of Payment (BOP) crisis […]