Kodak It is needless to say by now that Kodak was known for its photography and film business. A market leader until digital photography made a revolutionary entry into the market sphere. In the past few years when digitization took pace, there have been plenty of not-so-happy Kodak moments for the company. The company faced […]

Indian Commodity Market Constituents of Indian Commodity Market Commodity market likewise the stock market is having two constituents namely the spot market and the derivative market. Spot Market – Market where the commodities are bought and sold for immediate delivery Derivative Market – various financial instruments are traded in the stock exchange. Difference between Commodity […]

Chinese Companies penetrate Top 10 Mobile Phone Rankings in last year It is hard to keep out the Chinese juggernaut in any big industry particular where technology access is not too difficult. While Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the mobile phone industry with a combined market share of more than 50%, many Chinese companies […]

About Wrigleys The William Wrigley Jr. Company needs no introduction of its own. Every day we come across several of the products manufactured and marketed by Wrigley consumed by many. Wrigley is a part of food processing industry and was founded on April 1, 1891. At the time of establishment, company dealt in selling household […]

Infrastructure Debt Funds Infrastructure Debt Funds (IDFs) are supposed to be set up in the Indian economy to accelerate and enhance the flow of long term debt in infrastructure projects. This fund is supposed to be used for the funding of the highly ambitious government’s program of infrastructure development. In order to attract off-shore funds […]

Andhra Pradesh which is the largest southern Indian state has seen a good response to its tender for 900 MW of solar capacity. The state is using the tried and tested solution of reverse auction to promote solar energy in the state. Indian states particularly the southern ones are heavily power deficient with industries leaving […]