Until recently, the US Department of Energy (DOE) was planning to raise the minimum efficiency rating of natural gas furnaces from 80% to 90% in the 30 northernmost states (the other states are set to have increase in air conditioner efficiencies mandated). This would increase the┬ácost of furnace installations┬ásubstantially. However, the DOE argued that the […]

Chinese solar companies are finding it increasingly difficult to borrow money even from their home banks. This is due to the massive overcapacity in the industry which has led to continued losses even for the lowest cost manufacturers. Jinko Solar (JKS) has been one of the best performers in the Chinese solar sector in 2012. […]

Foreign Trade Foreign trade is nothing but trade between the different countries of the world. It is also called as International trade, External trade or Inter-Regional trade. It consists of imports, exports and entrepot. Types of Foreign Trade Import – The inflow of goods in a country is called import trade Export – The outflow […]

Solar Lighting in Africa In the rural areas of Africa, where there is no electricity, solar lights seem to be the perfect solution. Almost 95% of the rural African population depend on Kerosene lamps for their living. They spend a huge amount of money buying such lamps and kerosene oil which is so hazardous and […]

Policies for Renewable Energy Trading Twelve of the most notable types of policies that have promoted renewable energy worldwide are given below: 1. U.S. Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) of 1978 PURPA required utilities to purchase power from small renewable generators and co generators – otherwise known as independent power producers (IPPs) – through […]

Pledging Of Shares Pledging of shares is a simple mechanism where promoters, in order to raise funds for either personal or company needs, pledge their holding shares to any financial institution. A phenomenon in which the promoter of an entity keeps his own stake as collateral for the borrowed funds; the debt can be for […]