HTC in Emerging Markets The Taiwanese smartphone company HTC, which had made a name for itself by selling top end smartphones in developed market, is facing tough questions due to ascendance of Apple and Samsung. The company is now being forced to reexamine its strategy of focusing only on premium smartphones, as that market has […]

Growth vs. Inflation The controversial inflation-growth trade-off has been widely researched upon, both theoretically and empirically since the conception of the Phillips Curve which elucidates the negative relation between inflation and the level of unemployment. In the present Indian scenario, the Inflation Vs Growth debate has assumed renewed importance and significance. In light of the […]

Sunpower (SPWR) which is the 2nd largest US solar company after First Solar (FSLR) was the first major company to report 4Q12 results. As expected the company was in the red, however the quantum of losses were much more than what analysts were expecting. The company in its defence said that it had 1 GW […]

With the rise in disposable income and changing lifestyle of individuals, demand for proper healthcare facilities has increased drastically thus a lot of scope of development and growth can be seen in the industry. Need of proper infrastructure in the healthcare industry has been one of the major pre-requisite and thus the amount of investment […]

During the 1st version of quantitative easing, the US Federal reserve bought around $1.45 trillion of mortgage-backed securities and other agency debt. This entire activity took place during the 14 month long stint of QE1. Also securities worth around $600 billion were bought during the 8 month period of QE2. Read more What QE Infinity […]

Solar Stories 1) Wacker thinks that polysilicon prices has bottomed out , however we are not so sure 2) US files a WTO case against India’s domestic solar content rules 3) Brazil sees interest in large solar power plant development (Brazil is already at solar power parity) 4) Power One and Panasonic to collaborate in […]