Fox News has published an article which mentions the future of the solar energy industry is in doubt, with subsidies falling and the backlash of utilities against net metering. Even as solar demand in the world has quadrupled to almost 30 GW in 2013, Fox news is doubting the industry survival. They have conveniently forgotten: […]

The Indian Economy in 1947-91 The Indian economy was primarily an agrarian economy post independence era, with a major chunk of its GDP coming from Agriculture sector and least coming from the services industry. With the LPG policy coming into effect in 1991, the Indian economy was made an open economy, unlike the era 1947-91. […]

We had earlier written about how the Tamil Nadu solar energy policy is a game changer for demand in India. TN has become the second state in India after Gujarat, to really push for solar energy growth. The state has set a target of 1 GW each year with most of the funding to be […]

QE3 The recent announcement by the US Federal Reserve to buy US treasuries and mortgage bonds worth $40 billion a month, led to positive gains in the stock market indices around the world. The phenomenon also termed as Quantitative Easing 3 or QE3 resulted in heavy gains around the world, especially the Indian economy where […]

Why the Need of New Taxes by the Indian Government It is a known fact the rising fiscal deficit remains a major concern for the Indian economy. Thus it is very important that  revenue for the government is increased to some extent to help bring down the deficit to the comfort zone. In order to […]

US files WTO Protectionist Case against India US filed a case against India for domestic content rules in its solar federal policy despite American company First Solar having captured a majority of the Indian market. It is ironical that USA has filed a WTO case against India and not against France, Italy, Greece and Canada, […]