Economic News Affect Stock Prices The government and some private organizations regularly issue statistics on the performance of the nation’s economy. These data releases can lead to adjustments in the price of financial assets as market participants reassess their views of the economy’s current condition and its likely future evolution. It is quite natural that […]

As India grows more prosperous and more citizens get educated, the country is facing a major problem. While every country would kill for millions of graduates passing out every year, India is finding them to be a problem. The reason is that India is seeing jobless growth with a paucity of decent jobs on offer. […]

Indonesia A Silent Competitor Indonesia is situated in the largest continent Asia in its south eastern region and consists of a large archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, with more than whooping 13000 islands. Indonesia total land area measures 1.9 million square kilometres, which is eight times the area of United Kingdom. […]

Global Crisis & India Currently the global economy is undergoing the state of crisis. The recent eurozone second recession coupled with very slow growth in US are a matter of great concern for the growth in future. Amidst such situation, the world is looking up to the emerging economies like that of China, India to […]

1) Actual Solar Demand in 2012 shows only  5% growth 2) Honda ties up with Solar City to offer solar panels system to its customers in US 3) EU takes the first step in imposition of solar duties on Chinese solar panel imports 4) UK Solar Industry  fights against possible sanction of cheap solar panels […]

When talking of the commodities we should not forget the most important Non Agri Commodity which is Crude Oil, Thermal Coal, Brent Crude Oil, Gasoline, Natural Gas, Heating Oil of which Crude Oil is the most important. It is rightly said that: “Next world war will be for crude, energy resources” With Globalization becoming the […]