Importance of Financial Planning Financial planning is nothing but the understanding of one’s own future needs which includes House, vehicle, kids, kid’s education and many more. It is seen that the youth who save a decent percentage of their take-home compensation, rarely plan for the future and tax saving. Well it is a well known […]

The solar industry is going through a major consolidation with hundreds of small and big solar companies failing despite growing solar demand. The reason is massive over capacity created mainly by China. This has resulted in many of the big companies like Q-Cells going down under the weight of billion dollar losses. However, even as […]

Financial System The word ‘System’ means an ordered, organized and comprehensive assembly of facts, principles or components relating to a particular field and working for a specified purpose.  A financial system is a system which deal with the finance which basically means money thus a financial system forms an Integral Part of any Modern Economy. […]

Problems of The Indian Financial Market The economy and the financial market are having a close relationship and are interdependent. With a change in the economic scenario the change is reflected in the financial market, while on the other hand the change in the financial market is reflected in the economy as well. There are […]

Ontario Domestic Content Rules Ontario, Canada has put in extensive rules for domestic content usage in feed in tariffs and subsides for solar energy. These rules increase the amount of content that must be used in solar panels that are being installed in the province. This has made other countries see red, though major solar […]

Google Buys Motorola Google (GOOG) purchased Motorola mobility for whooping 12.5 billion USD, its biggest acquisition ever since its Double Click acquisition which was closed for 3.1 billion USD. Google paid a premium of 63% to acquire the company. Google dipped into its huge cash reserve of $39 billion to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 […]