The US solar market has been dominated by large ground mounted solar farms developed by companies such as Sunedison (SUNE), Sunpower (SPWR), First Solar (FSLR) etc. Easy availability of large tracts of land in high insolation areas such as California and Arizona have helped the development of massive solar farms. Some of the biggest solar […]

iPhone 5c Apple (AAPL) was widely rumored to come out with an iPhone version which would cater to the middle segment of the smartphone market if not the lower end. This would greatly enhance the company’s TAM as it would allow millions of users in emerging markets to buy Apple products, as the current lineup is simply […]

Another Million Dollar loan for LDK Solar Zombie LDK Solar (LDK) continues to produce panels and wafers and make gargantuan losses. The company is bankrupt with $3 billion of debt and no profitability in the last 2 years. The company has been making large operating losses consistently and there is little hope that that the […]

Indian Solar Slows Down India’s solar power potential is not being realized despite the country possessing some of the most ideal conditions for growth in solar power. India will install around 1 GW this year and if everything goes right then 2 GW next year. This may sound great but you have to compare this […]

Solar Panel Plant in Ladakh, India India is afflicted with a problem of making big infrastructure announcements without actually executing them. The economy has cratered as most large projects in the power, roads and ports sector remain mired in delays. These delays are due to cumbersome rules and regulations most of which do not make sense […]