Taiwan’s Fate – A Niche Solar Player or Top Solar Producer Taiwanese cell producers such as Gintech, Motech, Neo Solar power etc. have been making hay, thanks to the solar trade wars between major blocs. Taiwan has been ignored by the big countries fighting with each other over the imports/exports of solar products. This has […]

JNNSM A Fraud? India has been rocked by scams in almost all industrial sectors be it telecom, aviation, real estate, construction, defence etc. Renewable energy is not immune to the general malaise and recently a large solar scam was unearthed in India’s southern state of Kerala. Top ministers were involved with actresses making it a regular “tamasha”. As usual nothing […]

Solar Demand 2015 Deutsche Bank has recently come out with very aggressive demand projections for 2014, saying that the demand will shoot up to 45 GW from 35 GW in 2013 as China demand increases to a gargantuan 15 GW from the 10 GW target. This will double China’s demand from 6-7 GW in 2013 […]

Non-subsidized Solar Power Plant in Chile Chile has been one of the biggest drivers of solar demand in South America beating other bigger countries such as Brazil and Argentina. The country has got one of the sunniest regions on earth and good demand from its remote mines where the electricity grid is not reachable. Chile […]