First Solar sells Assets at Loss We have been consistently bearish on First Solar during the entire rally of the solar sector in the last one year because we think that the company’s technology is non-competitive with the mainstream crystalline silicon technology. It does not take a rocket scientist to compare the costs and efficiency […]

Rising Unemployment – Global Slowdown The soaring stock markets all over the world cannot hide the economic slowdown that is being faced by people all over the globe. The central bank funded liquidity tsunami has managed to escalate asset prices, but failed to move the wheel of the economy. Growth remains low in most parts […]

Global Warming The very well respected UN appointed IPCC has come out with its 5th report in 20 years and now says that they are 95% certain that humans are causing global warming up from 90% in the last report released in 2007. Most scenarios presented in the report forecast sharp increase in global temperatures […]

China’s solar industry has been making huge losses for the past 2 years and despite improvement in fundamentals this year, most companies are still in the red. The Chinese solar industry has been successful in terms of marketshare, where it has captured almost 60-70% of the global solar market decimating foregoing competition through sheer cost […]

USA solar company First Solar has been facing issues of its declining solar system backlog even as its solar modules remain non-competitive with crystalline solar modules made by most of the Chinese companies. The company has been profitable during the downturn, thanks to the huge profitable DOE subsidized projects that it won earlier. But as these projects get […]

The Indian Real Estate There is no argument that India’s real estate prices are totally out of sync with the income levels. Even as India’s other major asset classes such as equity and bonds have languished, real estate has continued to make newer highs almost every year. This has made real estate sector a bubble, […]