Energy Storage Solar energy is no longer a fringe pastime for tree lovers but a $100 billion industry these days with 35 GW of installation expected in 2013 alone. Note solar energy is set to grow rapidly as it reaches the inflection point with solar energy costs reaching grid costs in a majority of countries […]

Rare earth mineral companies had soared 4 years ago, as China used its monopolistic position to punish Japan. The country imposed an export quota and restricted REE shipments to Japan, leading to a desperate search for REE products by customers such as Mitsubishi, Toyota etc. USA, Europe took China to the WTO even as REE […]

Solar in India is rapidly reaching mainstream status and you can find solar products in the daily lives of people even without government subsidies. Here is a picture of an old man running a food stall, who I was surprised to find was using a solar panel to charge his mobile phone and LED light. […]

Investment in Solar Solar commentary these days has become hugely bullish as solar stocks touch new highs. Sunpower, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar are all reaching their 2009 levels, as solar demand skyrockets in Japan, China and USA. I think that 35 GW will be easily reached this year, given that there are indications that China […]

Jobless India India‘s corruption ridden economy has become a huge problem for its youth. During the credit fueled Lehman days, the Indian economy was growing at 8 plus percent and the corruption did not matter as new sectors opened up providing jobs for graduates. But now the economy is in a rut and the corruption […]

Tax Free Bonds The primary equity market in India is pretty much dead, despite the stock market indices touching new all time highs. The reason is that the Sensex and Nifty are being driven by a few sectors which are seeing sky high valuation, while the rest of the economy continues to remain in the […]