With the bullish stance continuing in the market, the year 2013 is expected to be the year for the equities as opposed to fixed income assets. In a recent survey conducted among the analysts working in the Indian stock market, around 88% of them expects the year 2013 to give high returns in the equity […]

Biomass Projects in India In the last 10 years, about 96 projects aggregating to 656 MW have already been in operation and about 60 projects aggregating to 536 MW are currently under implementation in different parts of the country. Moreover, 63 biomass cogeneration (non-bagasse) projects aggregating to about 211 MW and 153 biomass gasifiers with […]

We all have heard of a famous proverb which says: Change is the only thing constant in today’s world Well, the proverb holds true in every sense. If we talk about business, economy, money we will find that the money life went through a few changes in 2012. Well the credit goes to the regulatory […]

Polycrystalline silicon or  Polysilicon (poly-Si or “poly”) is a material consisting of multiple small silicon crystals. Poly is highly pure form of silicon and is much costlier. Polycrystalline silicon can be as much as 99.9999% pure. Solar Use of Polysilicon (Solar Wafers and Ingots Raw Material) Once Polysilicon is produced, it has to be made […]

China to instal 10GW of Solar capacity in 2013 The latest buzz in the solar industry is that China plans to instal 10 gigawatts (GW) of solar power capacity in 2013. If China is successful in achieving this target, it gets very close to completion of installment of its previously set goal of 21 G […]

Infrastructure development firms are currently facing a tough time, when they have over Rs.15,000 Crore locked up in the ongoing highway projects. The reason of such lock up is the lack on the part of officials, who are reluctant to approve even routine cost escalations for fear of being pulled up by the auditor. Issues […]