Gold vs. Equity Market Shine of Gold is getting brighter with every passing day. In a recent study conducted by Assocham it was found that the yellow metal has surpassed equity market in terms of profit, which has given negative returns on investment in the last three years. Gold on the other has continued to […]

Republicans have been attacking the Obama administration for low cost DOE guaranteed loans to clean energy companies, ever since the Solyndra bankruptcy (LINK). They have accused Obama of favoring companies which contributed significant amounts of money to his presidential campaign. This was a major point of contention during the recent Presidential elections. However, it did […]

Bank Credit If we talk about the credit system prevailing in Indian economy, we see that the non-food credit or the amount lent by the bank to the Individuals and companies have shown a rising spree growing 16% Y-o-Y. The credit is reported as Rs 48.54 Lakh Crore as of December 15, 2012. The loan […]

Toshiba to Acquire Urenco Japanese industrial conglomerate Toshiba is looking to expand its nuclear energy business, even as other big nuclear equipment companies such as GE and Siemens are lowering their exposure to the nuclear business. After the Fukushima incident, nuclear energy globally has received a lot of blowback and a number of top global […]

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Quantitative Easing Quantitative Easing – the name sounds too fancy in these modern, fast developing and rapidly growing world. It is very well known that with the growing inability of traditional monetary tools, QE has been a preferred weapon to fight out dry economies. However, one of the major concerns is “If pouring in billions […]