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Wind Turbines Theft become a Multi-million Dollar Industry in India

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India never ceases to surprise with unknown risks for the industry. The wind turbine industry is facing a massive new risk Wind Turbineof the theft of wind turbine components in the western state of Rajasthan. Sophisticated gangs riding on expensive Utility vehicles have become a huge menace to owners of wind farms in the isolated desert districts of the state. These gangs have sophisticated knowledge about wind turbine operations and are cutting the turbines in such a way that the stealing of expensive parts is maximized without wastage.

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The total damage is estimated to be around $25 million in the last one and half years and around 15% of the turbines have been affected in the state. Not only is there a big material loss, but there is also the loss of non electricity generation during this period. The police seem helpless in arresting the local gangs. This is a direct indictment of the state of law and order in the state, as the locals would be known by the police administration in the state. The Indian wind energy industry is under stress with the removal of subsidies by the central government and non payment of electricity dues by the bankrupt distribution utilities. The last thing that they would have expected is a long downtime due to thefts.

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Wind turbines are expensive equipment costing around Rs 4-5 crore. Thieves cannot sell the whole turbines but they manage to sell the expensive copper wiring and cables. The prices of copper have become quite high and copper theft is even being reported in rich countries such as USA. It will not be hard to crack down on these gangsters but the government needs to show some spine.


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