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Distinguishing Trina Solar and Solar Frontier Solar Modules

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Chinese solar panels are good and sold at a cheap price, though the quality of Chinese solar panels was under question a while Solar Panelsago. Japan on the other hand, is set to become the world’s biggest solar market by revenues. It is expected that Japan will install approximately US$20 billion worth of solar PV systems in 2013.

Trina Solar is a vertically integrated company right from the production of ingots to modules. Trina Solar was founded in 1997, with 12 offices worldwide, Trina Solar has partnerships with leading installers, distributors, utilities and developers in all major PV markets and is listed on the NYSE. Trina Solar is one of the world’s foremost PV companies. Trina Solar is one of the lowest cost Chinese solar panel manufacturers globally.

Solar Frontier is a Japanese company which was earlier known as Showa Shell Solar. The company joined the rank of major solar companies once it started the new 900MW “Kunitomi” production plant in Miyazaki. Solar Frontier manufactures CIS (copper, indium, selenium) thin-film solar modules for customers all around the world. The company has offices in Europe, the U.S.A., and the Middle East, with headquarters in Tokyo.

Solar Frontier modules have conversion efficiency of 11.8% to 13.4%. Their “Light soaking” effect increases the output after installation. They are Cadmium- and lead-free. Solar Frontier uses recyclable substances as packing material and are cardboard free. They use the CIS technology in module manufacturing.

Distinguishing Features between Trina Solar and Solar frontier Solar Panels

Types of Solar Modules and available Models

Trina Solar modules can be classified for convenience into: Commercial, Residential & Utility purposes. Trina Solar offers i) PA05: 60 cell Universal (residential, commercial and utility) ii) PD05: 60 cell Dual Glass (residential, commercial and utility)  iii) PA14: 72 cell Utility, iv) PD14: 72 cell Utility.

Solar Frontier Modules can be conveniently used for residential, commercial and utility purposes. They are thin film modules.

  • SF145-S – 145W
  • SF150-S – 150W
  • SF155-S – 155W
  • SF160-S – 160W
  • SF165-S – 165W


Solar Frontier modules have a wattage range of 145- 165 W. The solar modules’ wattage for Trina Solar range between 240 W – 305 W. Thus Trina Solar provides a more variation in terms of wattage.


Solar Frontier modules have a standard weight of 20 kgs. Trina Solar modules weigh 15.6kg for monocrystalline panels and 19.5 kg and 28 kg for multicrystalline modules.

Load Resistance

Trina Solar modules come with load resistance of ~5400 pa. For Solar Frontier modules, the load resistance is ~2400 pa.

Power Tolerance

Trina Solar modules have a power output ~0-+3%, whereas Solar Frontier modules have +10%/-5% power tolerance.


Solar Frontier modules also have a black anodized aluminium frame. Trina Solar modules also have frames made of Anodized Aluminum Alloy.

Standards and Certifications

Solar frontier modules have PTC/STC rating over 90% and are also UL, JET and RoHS compliant.Trina Solar Modules are manufactured according to international Quality and environment Management System Standards ISO9001, ISO14001.


Solar Frontier  gives a 25 year extended warranty on all its solar panels. These Solar Panels are reinsured by the German insurance giant Munich Re, which means in case if Solar Frontier goes out of the solar panel business, Munich Re will insure that the warranty holds good. This is better than the standard warranty given by solar panel manufactures.

Trina Solar come with a 10 years product warranty & 25 years linear power warranty.



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