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My advice to the short sighted Indian Wind Energy Developers

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India Wind Energy Developers

Indian wind developer Myntrah and the Indian wind energy association have stopped the reverse auctions for wind energy farms by the western state of Rajasthan. These organizations filed a petition in the courts to stop this new policy from being enacted. Note wind energy in India has been mollycoddled for a long time by the government, which gave huge subsidies in the form of accelerated depreciation and higher electricity tariffs. This has made India the 5th largest wind energy country in terms of capacity and led numerous companies to put up small farms. However, the benefits were removed last year to push for more market linked incentives as wind energy has become a mature energy resource.

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Solar energy in India on the other hand, has mostly been awarded through reverse auctions. The governments have got great prices and solar developers have managed only thin margins. Wind developers do not want the same fate to affect them and want the wind energy policy of fixed tariffs to continue. Governments on the other hand, want more competition and lower prices and Maharashtra wants to copy the Rajasthan model. I think that the wind energy developers are being short sighted and I don’t think that sweetheart renewable energy policies are going to continue anymore. Gujarat is already thinking of lowering the high fixed tariffs for solar energy plants built in the past. The cash-strapped government cannot allow big corporate developers backed by western private equity firms to squeeze the already squeezed Indian electricity customers. My advice to the Indian wind energy industry would be to back down and look for increasing volumes to compensate for lower unit prices.

Sneha Shah

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